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To obtain expert interpretation of native and transplant canine and feline kidney biopsy specimens

To receive renal pathology consultation using light microscopy, immunofluorescence and electron microscopy

To integrate pathological results with clinical presentation and achieve a final interpretation of the patient’s renal disorder

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    A preliminary report of light microscopical findings based upon routine staining techniques (HE, PAS, PAMS and Masson’s Trichrome) will be send by e-mail within 5-7 days of receipt. A final report which will include descriptions of light, immunofluorescent and electron microscopy, and interpretation will generally be sent by e-mail (or when requested by fax) within 3 weeks of receipt. Billing for biopsies will be directed to the clinician/hospital submitting the specimens and not to the owner or insurance company.

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    Kidney biopsy kit: 60€